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For Solon Families and Future

Eddy and his wife Bonnie moved to Solon 24 years ago. Like many of their friends and neighbors, they chose Solon to raise their family, build a life and become part of the Solon community. Like many of us, they became involved in the schools, their neighborhood, coaching recreational sports teams and working to make Solon a great community – welcoming, innovative and responsive.

For the past 16 years, Eddy has dedicated himself to building a better future for Solon and maintaining its position as one of the premier communities in Ohio. Eddy has been a leader in building a collaborative, bipartisan approach to running our city.

His efforts have been a key part of establishing Solon as a safe community with responsive city services, state of the art infrastructure and a business friendly environment that has enabled Solon to grow and create a diverse, financially sound, creative city poised to make its future even brighter than its past.

Eddy’s professional life has mirrored his personal life. For Eddy it’s all about serving our community and improving the lives of people in Solon and Cuyahoga County. He has served as an assistant county prosecutor, assistant attorney general and is currently serving as Director of Regional Collaboration for Cuyahoga County.

Eddy on the Issues

The backbone of Solon’s success is our business community. The revenues that come as a result of our diverse and successful business community have enabled us to have the best school system in the country, outstanding recreation facilities, public safety forces that utilize the latest in equipment and training to protect and care for our citizens, updated and well-maintained infrastructure and the best in city services. We have achieved those results by successful collaboration and engagement with the business community. That doesn’t mean we can’t do more. In fact, our future depends on it.

We must increase our engagement with existing businesses, reaching out to see what they need from Solon to maintain and grow their businesses. We need to seek their expertise in helping to identify future opportunities to expand and diversify our business community and to make city government more effective and efficient.

As mayor I will be committed to being visible and involved with our businesses and will create a business advisory council to ensure we have an ongoing dialogue to develop priorities that will help our businesses and our city be even more successful.
Solon is a community of incredibly talented citizens with expertise in a wide-range of areas. It is time for us to reach out to them and increase their participation and involvement in our community. Who better to help streamline City Hall processes including permitting, zoning changes and approvals than the people impacted? Our citizens also should be more involved in setting priorities to help ensure that City Hall priorities are truly aligned with citizen priorities. Our citizens can help identify new creative initiatives to improve the quality of life for our residents and help us attract young single professionals, families and those new to the greater Cleveland area. We can tap into our community’s creativity to help develop new arts, entertainment and recreation attractions to further enhance our community.
Over the past several years I have had the opportunity to see the power of collaboration between cities across Cuyahoga County and other public and private entities including county and state government, neighboring suburban communities, community development corporations, libraries, public safety forces, businesses, foundations and a broad range of non-profits. I have seen how communities leverage public and private grants to enhance their cities. The relationships I have developed across the county and beyond as the Cuyahoga County Director of Regional Collaboration over the past several years will benefit Solon. By developing a collaboration plan to determine how Solon can best benefit from our engagements outside of our borders we can make Solon an even stronger city than it is today.
You can’t live in Solon without experiencing the traffic challenges we face. While we have taken some steps to improve traffic on Route 91 I believe we can do better. We must explore new traffic technologies utilizing GPS to determine how we can better manage traffic in real time. We also need to redo both Aurora Road and Liberty Road improving signalization and access.

It is also important for us to closely monitor the condition of infrastructure including our water and sewer systems to avoid the problems seen by many communities who ignore infrastructure needs until they are faced with a crisis.
Another area we need to seek creative solutions is in our aging commercial areas. Prior to the economic crash in 2008 I worked with several developers on plans to redevelop the Sears site. With the crash of 2008 funding for the project disappeared. Now is the time to re-engage area developers and explore ideas for a meaningful project that can serve as a commercial focal point for our city. There is a place for such a development. Shaker Heights is currently undertaking a major redevelopment of the Van Aken center with multi-use mix of retail, office and entertainment. That project may serve as a model for us.
My many years of service as a prosecutor have provided me with an in depth understanding of law enforcement and the needs of our safety forces. Over the dozen years I served on City Council’s Safety Committee, six as chairman, I was able to bring my experience to ensure that Solon’s safety forces have the training, equipment and preparation to provide outstanding safety services to our residents. Public safety and emergency services are at the core of any successful community. I will bring my experience as a prosecutor, and chair and member of the Safety Committee to keeping those services at the highest level. We will work to increase community outreach by our police, fire and EMS to keep residents informed and get their input about ways we can continue to keep our safety forces among the best in Ohio.



General Election is November 7th. If you're voting early please remember to have your ballot postmarked on or by November 6th.


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"I have known Ed Kraus for over 27 years. He has always been willing to listen to everyone's perspective before making decisions. He is honest and loves our City."

- Rick Bell, Former Solon City Council Member

Campaign Endorsers

Armond budish, cuyahoga county executive

Michael O’Malley, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor

Shontel Brown – Cuyahoga County Democratic Chair

Dan Brady, County council president

Yvonne Conwell, County Councilwoman

Mike Gallagher, County Councilman

Pernel Jones, Jr., County Councilman

Dale Miller, County Councilman

Sunny simon, county councilwoman

scott tuma, county councilman

State Senator Kenny Yuko

State Representative John Barnes Jr.

Susan Drucker, Mayor – Solon

Kathy Mulcahy, MAYOR – Orange Village

Susan Renda, Mayor – Moreland Hills

Fletcher Berger, Mayor – Bedford Heights

Richard Bain, Mayor – Pepper Pike

Brad Sellers, Mayor – Warrensville Heights

Samuel Alai, Mayor – Broadview Heights

Vic Collova, Mayor – Garfield Heights

Timothy Degeeter, Mayor – City of Parma

Earl Lieken, Mayor – Shaker Heights

Pat Ward, Mayor – Lyndhurst

Kirsten Holzheimer Gail, Mayor – Euclid

annette blackwell, mayor – maple heights

vic collova, mayor – garfield heights

georgine welo, mayor – south euclid

cheryl stephens, mayor – cleveland heights

Nancy Meany, Solon City Council Member

I am very proud to unequivocally support and endorse Eddy Kraus to be the next Mayor of Solon. From the day I became a member of city council, Eddy stepped up to teach me the intricacies and nuances of our city government. It was obvious from the start that he truly loved the city and served on city council for the sole purpose of making Solon the great city that it has become. Eddy is one of the most honorable people I know and has shown through his service to our City that he is the person who will make our City proud.

Rick Bell, Former Solon City Council Member

Jeffrey Pedicino, Former Solon City Council Member

Ed is and has been a dedicated and responsive representative to the residents of his ward and Solon as a whole. I believe Ed possesses the integrity, demeanor, professionalism, knowledge and a vision to lead the City of Solon well into the future.

Daniel Fritz, Moreland Hills Village Council President

Karl Maersch, Chagrin Falls Village Council President

Cleveland Building & Construction Trades Council

north shore afl-cio

United Automobile Aerospace Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) – Northeast Ohio Community Action Program Council

Cuyahoga county democratic party

solon democratic club

Jim Abramowski

Jake Abrams

Bruce Arnoff

Jeremy Audino

Ara and Leslie Bagdasarian

Todd Behrens

Adam Berebitsky

David and Eileen Brown

Lance and Tracy Calvetta

Lisa Chiu and Vic Thomas

B. Cohen

Marc and Lainie Cohen

Jo Condon

Mike Cook

Terry Diliso

Judson Divincenzo

aaron dobres

Ethan Dobres

Amy and David Drechsler

Howard Drechsler

KingMan and Dr. Pamala El-Jamah

Denise Elliott

Nancy and David Falck

Lisa and Richard Falkenberg

lawrence floyd

Barry Freeman

Adam Fried

Susie Friedman

Bev and Mike Goldie

Ken Goodman

Jonathan Gordon

Dionna Gore

david and sheri gross

Marcie and Eric Harrison

jeffrey and rachel heller

Andy Himmel

Indiresha Iyer

Alex Jackson

Stuart and Randi Kahn

Larry and Maryann Kennedy

Larry and Ellyn Klein

Cindy Kohn

David Kowit

lori kowit

Susan Krantz

bud kraus

Laura and Cory Lance

Steve & Giselle Lander

Brian Linick

Beth and Phil Mann

L. McNabb

Nancy Meany

Bonnie Meklemburg

Cyndi MintZ-Maluk

lowell mintz

Kelly Millstone

Albert and Judy Misek

Bruce and Sandy Nimrick

Karen and Bruce Phillips

Lori Pitzer

Elisa and Howard Rabb

Arlene Rosen

Bob Rosen

Marcy and Ed Rosenthal

Michael Rossen

Jan and Bruce Rutsky

Rick and Vikki Rzepka

Michael and Lisa Schechter

C. Scheidt

Melissa and Randy Schneider

Scott Schooler

Dan Schuman

Helen Shafron

Marla Silberman

Michael Simon

Suzanne and Egon Singerman

Michael and Jill Singerman

David Smercina

dorothy ‘dotty’ smercina

Scott Soble

rick and myra stone

Craig and Mary Beth Wasserman

Ron and JoEllen Weingarten

Ruthy wolfson

Robert and Ronna Zelwin

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