Edge Trims comes in a wide range of sizes, colors, and textures.

Our edge trims protect from sharp edges, cover unsightly edges, install over edges for safety recognition and generally improve† the appearance of any edge , as well as many other uses .

The applications are also wide spread, to military use, military aftermarket use, heavy equipment industries, marine industry, manufacturing industries and many other applications. If it has an edge and needs covered for what ever reason, we have the trim for you.

Parts made from polyurethane are selected over many materials for their physical and cost performance. Unique properties elevate polyurethane in the areas of abrasion resistance, toughness, tear resistance and high load bearing ability. These are not the only advantages to polyurethane products over other materials , but these are the few that stand out far above other materials in many applications.

We provide products of the highest quality and satisfy our customers polyurethane molded needs by offering the presence to formulate polyurethane to meet your requirements and the understanding of change to meet your future.†


MC&A Inc. offers many products within our Marine Products Line, with products like; stainless steel sliding window channels, push-on seal trims, flexible aluminum or steel core edge trims, rubber dock bumpers, cradle pads, mooring snubbers, and marine glass setting tapes.†

All of our marine products are easily installed by the do-it-yourselfer, so if youíre at work on a project that would benefit from the kind of performance that MC&A Inc. Marine Products can offer, contact us today!

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Corrugated Tubing is lightweight and replaces rubber tubing by providing extremely economical, non-kinking flexibility and durability rubber tubing canít match. It offers many other important in-use advantages and structural design benefits. For instance, Corrugated Tubing provides structural rigidity; crush, impact, and abrasion resistance; also resistant to most chemicals.

Our Corrugated tubing are manufactured in many colors, sizes and we also provide a unique bend to place tubing , which can bend, compress or extend and remain in that position, to provide the maximum performance.††

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Big enough to accommodate your needs , but small enough that your products are as important to us as they are to you !

MC&A Inc. produces and distributes many types of rubber & plastic products. Our product lines below, feature our many types of products. If you donít see the product for your application , please give us a call. We can help!

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Glass setting tape comes in two forms : All rubber & cork and rubber . The All Rubber Glass Setting Tape seals against all weather environments , dirt & moisture, as well as provides an insulation against noise and vibration.

Cork & Rubber Glass Setting Tape protects glass against shock or frame distortion, maintaining pliability to conform to tight corners of any glass edge and still keeping a tight seal.

Both products are an excellent glass setting material because of their ability to turn tight corners easily, wonít stretch out of shape, and itís thin enough so it wonít crowd the glass to cause cracking or breaking.

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Sealing Components come in a wide range of profiles . Push-on Seals, Self Sealing Weatherstrip, Commercial Glass Run Window Channel, Military Glass Run Channel, Garage Door Seals, Latex Foam Seals, Military Weatherstrip, Commercial Weatherstrip to Commercial All Rubber Channel.

Our seals protect from weather & dust, conceal sharp edges, silence shaky panels and doors, creates barriers from noise and vibrations and secures glazing within the framework of a window, as well as many other uses .

The applications are also wide spread, to military use, military aftermarket use, heavy equipment industries, marine industry, garage sealing, manufacturing industries and many other applications. If it moves we most likely have the seal to fit your needs.

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