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The mechanical, chemical and environmental property characteristics of polyurethane are unique. These unique properties elevate urethanes performance in many area’s, some of the most common are listed below:

The advantages listed above are not the only advantages to polyurethane products over other materials , but these are the few that stand out far above other materials in many applications.


We provide products of the highest quality and satisfy our customers polyurethane molded needs by offering the presence to formulate polyurethane to meet your requirements and the understanding of change to meet your future. 

Remolded Conveyor Rollers

Remolded conveyor rollers saved on downtime and the cost of fabricating new rollers.

Polyurethane Drive Wheels

polyurethane drive wheels outlasted the previous product and are in service for 4700 miles.

Polyurethane Pads

Polyurethane pads are exposed to solents, constant abrasion and are flexed to 60 degrees 64,000 times.

All of the above products exceeded the previous material by four times.

Industries uses for Polyurethane

Products made with polyurethane are selected over other materials for it’s physical properties and cost performance. Polyurethane is as cost effective for short runs as it is for large quantities and the tooling is often a sacrificial cost, most often less than other forms of molded products. These, and many other factors make Polyurethane the right choice for many applications.

Below is some of the common applications of Polyurethane ;

Big enough to accommodate your needs , but small enough that your products are as important to us as they are to you !

Text Box: Polyurethane Products
We Make Polyurethane Perform for You

· Outstanding abrasion resistance

· Wide range of harnesses

· Low temperature flexibility

· Excellent resistance to chemicals

· Dimensional stability

· Low compression set

· Resistance to aging

· Excellent cut and tear resistance

Everyone in your company, from the engineer, maintenance manager, purchasing agent, production manager, to the president, has seen what the short comings of a product can do to your idea, uptime, cost, downtime, and ultimately the …………….BOTTOM LINE !


What does this have to do with Polyurethane ? ………...PERFORMANCE !

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We Make Polyurethane Work For You !


Uses within the Industry

Tire & Wheel Industry

Industrial tires, load wheels, roller coaster rollers, bogey wheels, drive wheels.


Motor mounts, grommets, bearings, bushings, flexible couplings.

Engineered Components

Gears, sprockets, wire guides, flight blocks, cable connectors, rail draft gears, stripper plates, chopper cots, press brake pads, textile yarn guides, cutting boards, cutting bars, couplings, bumpers.


Sand blast parts, muller wheels, pouring basins, wipers, peening strips.